Sherrie Wirth | Metal Singing Bowl
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Singing Bowls have evolved as one of the most popular tools used in sound therapies throughout the world. Because we hear not only with the ears, but the skin and bones as well, the vibrational effects and the harmonic sounds can influence every aspect of the body including brain states.

Tones from Singing Bowls encourage the brain to move into Theta brain wave frequencies that induce peaceful, deeply meditative states, clarity of mind and intuitive impressions. Their harmonics resonate with the nervous system, engaging the relaxation reflex and muting the stress or pain response.

Some of the many benefits of Singing Bowls:

    • Chakra balancing
    • Can assist the immune system
    • May Reduce anger and blood pressure
    • Deep relaxation and pain relief
    • May Increase mental and emotional clarity
    • Can Assist in Reducing stress and anxiety significantly
    • Promotes stillness, happiness and well-being
    • May Improves circulation and increases blood flow