Gratitudes & Testimonials Sherrie Wirth Psychic Readings, Life Coach & Visionary Artist
Sherrie Wirth Intuitive Consultant, Psychic and Life Coach
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My reading with Sherrie was one of the best hours I’ve ever invested in myself! Sherrie is warm and kind and most certainly possesses a keen divine talent. I immediately felt at ease with Sherrie, like we had known each other for a very long time. She was incredibly accurate about details and communicated messages to me in a clear and loving way. I look forward to meeting with Sherrie again in the future!
~Suzanne Anderson, Bend, OR
Sherrie’s readings bring clarity and insight even amidst turbulent times. She is pure heart and doesn’t give advise based on her ego. She is straight forward and tells you what she sees. I love her honest and caring approach. I highly recommend her!
~GG, Gresham, OR
Sherrie focused on the areas of concern for me and addressed each one with clarity and accuracy. That is how you can tell the real true person who is connected to Spirit! Thank you Sherrie for allowing Spirit to work through you to help others. I very much appreciate your assistance at a time I needed insite most! You are beautiful inside and out!
~Suzie B, Buford, GA
Sherrie gave me a very accurate reading and made me very hopeful for 2018! She had details that there is no way she could have known and gave me great guidance on each of my questions. She also has such a empathic and compassionate way of communicating these amazing messages! It eased my nervousness for the reading. I’m so glad I had this reading and will definitely be back for more!
~Holly Petersen, Portland, OR
Sherrie was very intuitive and helped me start looking forward to a brighter future! I am glad that I went and will be going back again!
~A  Happy Client in Bend, OR
My time with Sherrie yesterday was a gift from a friend, and one of the best gifts I have received. Sherrie spoke to me with warmth and kindness and knew exactly what she was talking about when we we discussed my questions. In addition, her answers and visions resonated with me and what I know and what I sought from her and her gift. I feel more hopeful today than I did before I met with Sherrie and I will indeed reach out to her again when the time is right.
~Jill L, Bend, OR
My reading was very informative and right on track. I am looking forward to another session with Sherrie soon.
~MS, Bend, OR
Sherrie is one of the most gifted psychic channels I have met.  She delivers the message with clarity and specific accurate information that make it clear the information came from a blessed source of truth.  I am so happy that I walked into her shop and found her.   
~MS, Oregon

Sherrie’s abilities are nothing short of astounding! She was detailed and accurate beyond measure. Everything she said was right on point with where I am and where I’m going. I was so impressed I brought a few friends to meet her and after she read for them they were equally as thrilled! Thank you Sherrie for sharing your gift with the rest of us. You are a truly gifted healer and I am so glad I’ve found you!

~HP, Portland, OR

When I went into my reading with Sherrie I had no idea what to expect and was honestly a bit nervous. However, upon meeting her I immediately felt at ease. Sherrie has a calm and very welcoming presence about her. I had requested a mediumship, but wasn’t sure how much I trusted the process. Minutes into my session I was a believer. She was immediately able to share information that she couldn’t have possibly known prior to our meeting. Sherrie was not only able to give me guidance but also the gift of communicating with loved ones on the other side. I am so thankful and look forward to returning.

~Shaylin, Montana

Sometimes you meet someone and you feel like you already know them, that is how Sherrie makes you feel. Her shop is awesome! You can find all kinds of goodies and gifts. She also gave me a reading while I was there and she was spot on!

~Michelle, Oregon

I was introduced to Sherrie and her lovely shop through a friend of mine. From the moment you walk into Sherrie’s shop you can just feel a warm, positive and inviting energy. I had never had a reading before so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. I found that Sherrie is an amazing person! She is a very gifted and loving soul. The reading was very insightful and helped me to feel more at ease and encouraged about my future and the direction I should be heading. It was really fun listening to her as she was being guided by my spirit guides and guardian angel. She was very detailed about what messages they were trying to convey to me. Sherrie was spot on about so much, as I sat there and listened, I felt a calm come over me letting me know I had come to the right person. If you have never had a reading because you didn’t know who you could trust, I highly recommend you go to Sherrie and put all your doubt aside. She is truly gifted in her abilities and I felt as if I had known her my whole life. She was my ray of sunshine on that day and I am hoping to be able to make it to some of her classes and other events. Thank you so much Sherrie!

~C.  Gresham, Oregon

My friend took me to Damenpura for a birthday reading with Sherrie.  The experience was wonderful!  Sherrie immediately received information from my guides that I resonated with.  That information was further confirmed and explained from the cards that she pulled. I felt supported and connected the whole time.

~AR, Portland

What a lovely and inspiring reading. Sherrie was so down to earth and accessible I was made to I feel as though I were talking to a friend. She was kind, funny and generous. I had been struggling with my spiritual path for sometime and needed some guidance and sense of direction when I met Sherrie in her boutique. The information she gave me steered me in the right direction and eased my confusion of who I am supposed to be. My search is not over but knowing my direction makes life easier to say the least. If you are struggling with any decision, or just feel that something doesn’t feel right, I would recommend a reading from Sherrie. Allow her to share her beautiful gifts with you. I’m so glad I did!

~Pamela, Portland

When I found out there was a new shop in downtown Troutdale, Oregon I was very excited.  One never knows if it will be a “good” one or one that is there strictly to ride the “New Age” money wagon.  Well all one needs to do is walk thru the doors of Damenpura to have a solid answer.  You can then see immediately the beautiful Sherrie Wirth, the shops proprietress and in house intuitive.  She, like her store, is a ball of warm sunshine and you feel it in every square inch. I decided to get a reading from her one day. I have had many readings in the past so I pretty much knew what to expect. Well Sherrie exceeded my expectations by ten fold! She is so intuitive and a very clear channel for Spirit’s messages. I have visions in my minds eye of someplace that nobody knows about. Well apparently spirit did also. What an amazing reading I had. Now I not only know why I have this vision, which by the way I had thought it to be my next home. It will be oh so much more. There is some leading to my purpose and my path. How amazing it is to hear such wonderful news. She also brought in some messages from deceased family members which was amazing. Pulling names out of the past just like if she were there observing my life. I highly recommend going in and having a reading. You will never be disappointed.  And if you are confused about things, she can find the help you need from your guides, angels,  family, elementals and fairies too. Amazing, Uplifting and Sincere! I will be a repeat customers for years to come. I even brought my mom in. I will let her tell her own testimonial.  Thank you Sherrie! You are a blessing to this world.

~Kimberly E, Sandy, Oregon

“To Thy Own Self Be True.”

I thoroughly enjoyed the reading you gave me recently!  I loved all the beautiful cards you used and the information you shared was “spot-on”! The messages and information helped me to reconnect and remember who I really am and opened my heart.  Also the health information you shared really resonated for me & gave me clear direction. You have great gifts & come from a Divine Place with integrity & compassion. I look forward to my future readings with you!

Thank you!

~GD, Oregon

I’ve been lost for awhile in my life going through a transitioning period from high school to college in short period time. It was a random visit to down town Troutdale when I noticed this eccentric little shop. There was a lovely lady standing behind the cash register, and I asked about the angel session. She explained greatly what she intended to do and it was exactly what I needed. I had been wanting to do tarot card reading. Sherrie is amazing! She answered all the questions that I have been wanting answers to….   And I cant wait to go back and learn more.


Sherrie was spot on with my reading!

She told me things that sounded strange to her, but Spirit told her to tell me. When she was done, I explained the strange things and exactly what it all meant to me. It made no sense to her, but made PERFECT sense to me and was totally accurate!! Her messages from the Other Side were exactly what I needed and I will definitely be seeing her quite often!

~SK, Clackamas

I can’t begin to express the joy and love Sherrie shares with me.  She has been incredibly helpful with her guidance and knowledge on my path to spirituality.  Her visions and readings are truly  “on the money”.  I highly recommend her ability to give insight into anything you might need assistance with.

~RM, Arizona

It was an unexpected but delightful treat to have a reading by Sherrie on a recent trip to Troutdale, Oregon. Her kind and insightful words delivered with great respect were shared within the safety of her peaceful shop space.  What I learned was affirming, supportive and encouraging of my way forward.

Thank you, Sherrie!

~Anne, Portland

Sherrie, thank you for your insightful reading!! I greatly enjoyed our session! I found it very intuitive and informative. You gave me meaningful insight into my current situation which was causing some confusion for me.

~Allisia, Troutdale

A friend of mine recommended Sherrie for a reading.  I didn’t know exactly what to expect, but I was intrigued enough to contact the shop and make an appointment. Damenpura is a beautiful space, and the music is soothing & welcoming.  Sherrie greeted me and took me to a table away from the windows, to a little nook towards the back of the shop.  She brought out a tray with many decks of cards and asked me to choose 2 or 3 that called out to me.  After each of us chose cards the reading commenced, and to be honest, my shock and awe began almost instantaneously as Sherrie nailed several of the most important aspects of my life within minutes of beginning the reading.  Here, I do not refer to generalities that apply to almost everybody equally, but to strange and meaningful minutia that she could have no way of knowing.

One interesting moment for me was a point towards the end of our reading, in which she stated, “I’m seeing butterflies…” She sat with that for a moment, but couldn’t specifically see what they meant.  I never told her:  I knew what they meant.  I have created an entire body of artwork that revolves around the presence of butterflies.  At another point in the reading, she said, “I’m getting something about a child…”  The next card she turned over was a child card.  The word “Child” actually appeared on the card.  I looked at her and said, “OH COME ON!!!  You stacked that deck!!!”  She said, “No! I didn’t!!”  and we both started laughing!

The reading traveled through many different emotions…through feelings of hope, longing, loss, contentment and joy.  I felt comfortable being present for my emotions with Sherrie at the table.  I felt that she approached the process of doing my reading as a co-journeyer -she never seemed outside of the process- and it was clear that she cared about what unfolded.  Sherrie is an amazing human being who happens also to be genuinely psychic!

I’m delighted I got the chance to get a reading from her and I look forward to future readings.

~SE, Portland