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Sherrie Wirth Intuitive Consultant, Psychic and Life Coach
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Best Psychic Reading, Intuitive Life Coach Sherrie Wirth in Bend, Oregon

FAQs & Important Questions

What should I expect from a Intuitive Psychic Reading?

Please come prepared with your questions in mind before your session. You can always write  them down so you will have them on hand to remember during the reading. Please take 10 minutes beforehand to center yourself and relax. During the session you are encourage to take notes. The sessions are not recorded. You are free to bring your own recording device if you so choose. If we are doing a reading on the phone or Skype, It is best to be in a quiet environment so there are no distractions. This way I can fully tune into your energy on a higher level of accuracy.

What is an Oracle Card Reading?

I use a combination of several Oracle Decks along with tuning into your energy. I let you pick which decks we will use. Sometimes on the phone or Skype I will number them and ask you for numbers so I know which decks to pick. Don’t worry… you can’t pick the WRONG deck. You will intuitively know which one is the correct ones. If we are doing a reading on the phone or Skype, It is best to be in a quiet environment so there are no distractions. This way I can fully tune into your energy on a higher level of accuracy.

Can I Find out 100% For Sure Something is Going to Happen?
Personally, I do not know of anyone who is 100% accurate. NO reader, no matter how famous they are or how accurate they claim to be, will see everything with 100% accuracy. There is always room for error or misinterpretation. Some of the best psychics are considered to be 80% accurate. Please note: If something bothers you in a reading, the outcome can be changed by YOU. YOU are ALWAYS the one in control of your own destiny. There is only person who can claim 100% accuracy for the outcome of your life…..YOU.  Your OUTCOME is always determined by your THOUGHTS and ACTIONS.
What Should I do After the Reading?
Take some time to center yourself once again and integrate what you learned. Center yourself once again. It’s always good to drink some water as well.
Are there Things I Won’t Get an Answer About?
Most all of the time I will get Suggestions but if something is in your best and highest good to not know at the time of the reading then it may be blocked. Sometimes there are lessons that need to be learned and things you may need to work through on your own where you will get more benefit going thru the situation. I do my very best to give as much clear information that is being revealed to me to help you with your decisions. Please remember that I specialize in helping others Live Life to the Fullest as their soul intended. I’m not a doctor, investigator, licensed counselor or a legal advisor. You are ALWAYS encouraged to use your own judgment to NOT make a final decision based on anything that contradicts your own intuition. You have Free Will to move towards your Destiny in the Best Way the suits you.
What are the Different Types of Psychic Senses?
There are four main types of psychic abilities. Clairvoyance is probably the term you are most familiar with, it means “clear seeing”. The reader will see in their minds eye an event or image in the present, past or future. Clairaudience on the other hand represents “clear hearing”. The reader can get a psychic impression from sounds that are not heard by others. Clairsentience is a gift of ‘clear feeling’; psychic information can be obtained through the other senses: taste, touch, smell and also describes intuition and gut feeling. Lastly, Claircognizance meaning “clear knowing”. The psychic can receive formed ideas without being told anything.
Everyone has psychic abilities to some degree. We were born with them. Some shut these abilities down during childhood. I feel very grateful that I have learned to trust in these abilities to help others live their life with more clarity. I am merely an instrument – tapping into the Universal Consciousness Energy in Order to Serve you and your Highest Good.
What if I’m running late for our Appointment?
It takes just a few minutes to call or email me to reschedule.  Lateness and cancellations require a 24 hour notice. This policy is in place out of respect for my time and the time of my clients.
Which is Better? A reading in Person, On the Phone or Thru Skype?
All of the above! Each style is equally Good. The best part about psychic readings is that vibrational energy and intuition transcend time, space and EVEN technology. Choose the method that is most convenient for you and enjoy your reading!
What if I Just don’t feel Like we are Connecting?
 Please let me know within the first 10 minutes and I’m happy to stop the session at no charge. I want your reading to be enjoyable and have clarity and meaning for you. If you feel that I’m not connecting with you please let me know and there will be no charge at all as long as you let me know within the first 10 minutes. This is about YOU getting the best service possible and I honor your happiness.