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About Me

aboutI remember from a very young age my gifts being present when being outdoors. I could see patterns on the trees and glowing lights around the plants and animals. I remember looking up at the night sky and knowing there was more than I was seeing. I innocently and correctly knew I was a part of it. But I didn’t feel accepted here. I felt like a fish out of water.

It was confusing. I could see things other people didn’t and I felt things that were never spoken of. My dog and I would have regular conversations without uttering a word. I could feel other people’s  pain and stress. I felt every ripple that crossed my path. When others were low I was low, when they were high I was high. To complicate it even more, I was adopted.

“Why couldn’t I just be normal? Why?”

Around the age of 8, I had a near death experience that I could not deny. I wanted to swim with all the other kids in the pool even though I could not swim. I kept hearing the voice loud and clear to stay in the shallow end of the pool but there were so many kids and I was drifting further and further towards the deep end as I held on to the edge of the pool. I began holding onto a rope that was in the middle of the pool and then was pulled away from my security as a group of boys were being rough in the pool. Soon after that, I began bobbing then sinking towards the bottom of the deep end. One of the last things I remember seeing were everyone’s legs scissoring back and forth up above me. I knew I was in trouble but had no way to get back to the top.

I was drowning.

I began going in and out of my body. I could see it one moment from outside of myself and the next I was back inside. I was at the very bottom of the pool and knew it was over. I had been holding my breath for as long as possible and now was inhaling water. As I took in the final gulp of water, an angel (I like to call a higher version of myself) came in, looked right at me and lifted me to the top of the pool and then over against the pool’s side wall with such force I threw up most of the water I had swallowed. I was more concerned about the angel then the almost drowning. Another one of the girls my age had witnessed it. The look on her face said it all. Had she not seen this incident and ran off being so frightened from what she saw, I may have found a way to deny it. But I couldn’t. It was a life altering event which led to anguish and depression.

An angel had saved my life and I couldn’t talk about or understand it. I had to keep it a secret because I was afraid of what might happen to me if anyone knew. My family was religious and I spent a lot of time in church and private church school. I did my best to learn the bible and to act in ways that would please everyone and this drowning experience would just complicate things even more. I learned to stay silent. It wasn’t just a one time drowning in water but years of suffocating in a secret I had to hold.

There Was A Whole World Out There Waiting For Me To Just Be Explored.

After graduating from an academy, I left the small town and restricting beliefs behind. To put it in perspective, I moved from a small town of 15,000 to a city of 500,000. It was a taste of true freedom as many new experiences and opportunities opened for me. There was so much more for me to experience on a whole new level and I was ready to try it all.

All was well and good until…

The Universe thought I was ready to reawaken my gifts, I had another out of body experience while I was being operated on. After being sedated and the surgery had started, I popped out of my body awake. What??? I could clearly look down and view my body, the surgeon and his staff. I was yelling to get their attention and realized I was no longer in my body. I started to panic and thought that I might not be able to get back in my body before they finished my surgery. I tried to throw things, scream and make movements but no one could see me. I awoke back inside my body shortly after surgery. I was shaking so badly but still couldn’t talk. I felt as if I were frozen and it took over 3 hours of warm fans blowing under my sheets to warm me back up. What had I just experienced?

How did that happen?

I had heard about a few out of body experiences but now I had to know. I searched everywhere for clues on what it all meant. Spent countless hours buying books and researching many metaphysical subjects. Even though I had experienced being out of my body and even though I knew there was much more than what we can see, the fears from childhood were deeply imprinted. The more I read and the more I learned, it was clear that I wasn’t alone. Many people had shared experiences of encountering life after death and of remembering who they were and where they came from.

“After realizing I was not alone,
my childhood fears started to fade.”

Eventually, I even decided to try a psychic reading out just to see what would happen. I approached a woman at Saturday market. I was so nervous about what she was going to say and to my amazement she was absolutely spot on. It was loud and people were everywhere, but I caught her every word. It was so powerful, I could have sat there all day in utter amazement.

aboutIn the meantime, I decided to try out all types of churches and spiritual groups. More and more, I was getting the clues to the path Spirit was leading me on.

It was time to really discover the unseen which is so much of our experience and yet is never talked about in schooling or the outside world. I invested time in spiritualist churches. All the fear that had repressed my gifts was dissolving and I was waking up. I could see energy again like I had when I was a child. Only now it was understood and used. I met healers and energy workers and found a couple of books that were life changing. The authors spoke about their loved ones who had crossed over and were giving messages from the other side.

The emotions that were stored so deep in my core from repression were beginning to surface.

I had no clue what was happening to me and I almost went into a depression. I think that the truth of what I had lived through started to become clear. I felt torn because I loved my family but I was saddened and angry that I had lived so many years in repression.

It was around this time that I studied and went on trips with some of the big names at the time such as Sylvia Brown, James VanPraugh and Dr. Brian Weiss.

The more I learned, the more I needed to know more.

I reached out to people available on the internet and our local metaphysical store to schedule frequent readings. Each reading helped me realize more and more about myself. Months had gone by since I started this process and I decided to join a spiritual group. As a small group, we would gather weekly in a private home and study spirituality. That lasted for 5+ years. It felt so good to be connected to a tribe of people learning and exploring together.

After those amazing experiences I decided to try something completely different and studied Shamanism. It was a totally different type of experience and I fell in Love with it. Still to this day, I encourage drumming. There is nothing like losing yourself in the heartbeat of the drum and sitting with Mother Earth.

As time went by, I asked the Universe to bring me a mentor.

One who would understand me and help me with my spiritual growth and understanding. Not long after speaking this out loud, the perfect teacher came along. I spent years learning from her. She helped me to acknowledge my gifts that I had forgotten and encouraged me to start using them to help myself and others.

Gradually I started testing myself and would just stop in amazement that what I was thinking seconds earlier would actualize. Slowly, spirit worked with me so much that it became easy and normal.

I’m beginning to see the perfection of all the experiences and lessons I’ve learned. The journey has been a slow uncovering, allowing me time to grow at my own pace.

While I was in a deep learning mode and taking a lot of classes, I was asked to step forward as a women’s group leader. Feeling inadequate, I said no. What I didn’t realize at the time was that I was being prepared for an even bigger step, running my own metaphysical store and giving intuitive reading. There’s no way that I would have had the time or energy to do both. But of course at the time I turned down the leadership opportunity I felt nothing but discouragement. I was hard on myself for letting people down and wondering why I couldn’t step up. But within a few months after declining the leadership offer, I started to turn toward the voice that had been calling me to run a metaphysical storefront. I decided to follow thru with the nudges I had been getting from the Universe. I thought that because I had the call to do this that everything would be easy, but there were so many disappointing attempts that I finally gave up.

I’m beginning to see the perfection of all the experiences and lessons I’ve learned. The journey has been a slow uncovering, allowing me time to grow at my own pace.

And as it so often happens, as soon as I let go I received a message loud and clear

to drive to a nearby town and look up and down the street. I seriously doubted this was true and that part of me was just wanting something to pan out after so much searching and this voice was talking in my head. I got in the car, drove to the 30 minutes and at the very end of the street, there was the perfect place that was vacant with a for lease sign. I called while staring in the front window and spoke with the landlord. The next day I was approved and it all fell into place from that point on.

And as it so often happens, as soon as I let go I received a message loud and clear to drive to a nearby town and look up and down the street...

It was an amazing experience to be able to hold such a beautiful, sacred space in that small town.

At The store, I also offered a variety of classes and workshops in spirituality and several beautiful friendships were made. During this time I had my own intuitive consultant and she told me it would be a good idea to put my own psychic abilities out there as an offering. I had been told this by several other well known psychics but the message coming from her gave me the push I needed. I took my training and received my certification as a Psychic Master Healer.

I told the Universe that I would put the A-Frame out in front of my shop and put myself out there but if I didn’t get a response then I was not going to proceed. On the second day I had my first official reading. The person seemed to enjoy the reading and I was elated.

Day by day, more and more people would come in for readings and then they started bringing in their families. One of the most special moments I had was when a family of six came in and I closed the store for the entire day to work with them. It was so magical in that it brought all the members of the family back together who were in disagreement. On that day, I healed a lot of issues I had inside of me about disagreements.

I was healing through my work and through the guidance of Spirit.

It has all came full circle and I can see now why I was adopted by the most amazing family and brought up in a certain way. I see all my relationships were there to guide me further and further into exploring my gifts and to assist others who are searching for answers.

I’m so grateful for all of these experiences and count them as lessons and blessings which have added great wisdom to my life.

Today, You can find me several days of the week in my downtown Bend, Oregon office and also on the phone and Skype calls giving readings and life coaching. I love to use my intuitive abilities to help others find clarity and joy in their life.

Sherrie Wirth is located in Bend which is the heart of Central Oregon and such an amazing place to live. She is certified as a Life Coach, Psychic Master Healer and a Reiki Master/Teacher. The following areas where she continues to educate herself: Law of Attraction, Past Life Regression, Psychic Mediumship, Energy Healing, Sound Healing, Color Therapy and Crystal Therapy. Sherrie has taught several classes on different subjects ranging from learning about your psychic abilities, intuition, women’s groups, meditation, crystals and Visionary Art. Her gifts are in the areas of clairaudience, clairvoyance and clairsentience.

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