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What is True Love? | Sherrie Wirth | Psychic, Intuitive, Life Coach, & Spiritual Counselor
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What Is True Love?

When someone asks you, “what is love?” What comes to your mind?

Often, we think of immediate family members providing and caring for us. As relationships develop, we view the compassionate actions of our partner as true love. The words they speak, the actions they take towards us, the emotions they share with us, often times we look at these outward displays as what it means to be loved. Love from others is considered to be the reciprocity we get after acting in loving nature. This perspective of love seems fitting until there is no equal give and take at a certain level of commitment. Many times, I’ve found myself asking the question “Does they truly love me?” How will I ever know if that is real?

With this perspective of love, I impose the question, (and how often do we ask) “do I love myself?” If true love is defined by how another being feels about you, how could we truly protect that love? It has been this very question that has introduced me to the perspective and importance of self love. Loving thyself, is the key to not only understanding, but also protecting your true love. Embracing your being, and the journey you’ve been through with the understanding that you’ve always been there, this is the threshold to true love. Acceptance of self transforms regrets of the past, it eliminates the need or desire to receive emotional fulfillment from another person. Honoring who you are and what you’ve gone through is a vital step towards fulfilling those desires. Throughout your journey, it has been you this whole time! You were the one that displayed strength in times of despair, you carried that torch in the darkest of nights. It was you who navigated your emotional and mental depths. You were the one to rise above.

This whole time it has been you!

The love you have given to yourself in all your times of worry and trouble, has given you the ability to know true love through experience. By embracing your past, and having an understanding that you are all you need is truly a blessing.

When you love yourself, and act with your best intentions for you, the discovery of your worth will shine brighter than any stars in the sky. Love yourself each day, so that true love may never dissipate. Stand in the nature of your existence, knowing that you are worthy of the truest form of love… 

LOVE of Thy SELF. ❤️