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How To Cultivate A Spiritual Practice | Sherrie Wirth | Psychic, Intuitive, Life Coach, & Spiritual Counselor
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How To Cultivate A Spiritual Practice

When I was a child, I had an experience that changed my life forever. Around the age of 8, I had a near death experience that I could not deny. I wanted to swim with all the other kids in the pool even though I could not swim. I kept hearing the voice loud and clear to stay in the shallow end of the pool but there were so many kids and I was drifting further and further towards the deep end as I held on to the edge of the pool. I began holding onto a rope that was in the middle of the pool and then was pulled away from my security as a group of boys were being rough in the pool. Soon after that, I began bobbing then sinking towards the bottom of the deep end. One of the last things I remember seeing were everyone’s legs scissoring back and forth up above me. I knew I was in trouble but had no way to get back to the top.

I began going in and out of my body. I could see it one moment from outside of myself and the next I was back inside. I was at the very bottom of the pool and knew it was over. I had been holding my breath for as long as possible and now was inhaling water. As I took in the final gulp of water, an angel (I like to call a higher version of myself) came in, looked right at me and lifted me to the top of the pool and then over against the pool’s side wall with such force I threw up most of the water I had swallowed. I was more concerned about the angel then the almost drowning. Another one of the girls my age had witnessed it. The look on her face said it all. Had she not seen this incident and ran off being so frightened from what she saw, I may have found a way to deny it. But I couldn’t. It was a life altering event which led to anguish and depression.

That day in the pool gave me a glimpse of the power of spirit.  It taught me to believe in a higher consciousness. It taught me we are not really alone. It taught me there is a power, a force much bigger and stronger than all of us. And it terrified me. In fact I shut the experience away for years. I diverged from my soul path and turned away from all of my spiritual gifts. I did not want to face my already evident psychic abilities or my experience at the pool, because I was afraid of how it could upend everything in my life in my strict religious home. Eventually, after many years had passed, I had another near-death experience. As an adult, I awoke during surgery to find myself hovering above my body while a medical team worked on me. This event also terrified me, but this time I was equipped to face it.  After I awoke in the hospital (and back in my body) I started researching and studying near death experiences (NDE) and other metaphysical topics. Through my explorations I was able to learn more about my own NDE’s and psychic gifts. I read, researched and began to develop my own abilities. I even studied with some of the most well known masters in the field.  I learned how to cultivate a spiritual practice that allowed me to stay in-tune with my guides and in the flow of spirit. In short, it allowed me to become who I am today.

I often tell those who are interested in developing their own connection to their guides, higher self or spiritual plane that a spiritual practice is invaluable to their success. If you are able to devote time to your spiritual self each day, the changes in your life will be amazing. Below are some of the best tools I have found for developing a spiritual practice. Some techniques may work better than others; it all depends on your personal preference.  You can include all of them in your practice or just focus on the ones that work best for you.


To begin with I think it’s important to formally study the spiritual plane and the amazing gifts it has to offer. There are several terrific classes out there, taught by some of the most talented people in this field. But mostly, I like classes and/or groups because it’s exciting to learn from others who are embarking on the same path! You can share your own experiences, knowledge and techniques with others and then learn what has worked for them. If you are pursuing psychic development, these classes allow you to receive invaluable feedback, support and guidance. One of my favorite spiritual retreats is called Celebrate Your Life, which is held at different times through out the year, in different locations in the USA. They offer amazing teachers and speakers and allow for hands-on practice and group sharing. It’s a fantastic retreat to discover!  Full disclosure — I am not an affiliate for Celebrate Your Life, I just really like their program!

Even if you cannot attend a retreat or class, there are so many books and online classes that can also help develop your spirituality. Continued study is important as new tools, perspectives, information and modalities help your practice to grow and evolve. These classes/books keep you focused on your spiritual development and provide different methods to attune to spirit. Some of these many spiritual subjects include affirmations, NLP, hypnotherapy practices, manifestation skills, yoga, psychic development, energy healing, etc.


I’ve been blessed to work with some very powerful teachers such as Sylvia Brown, James VanPraugh and Dr. Brian Weiss. Their teachings provide guidance, insights and perspective on spirit and how it works. They have helped guide and teach me and ultimately made my spiritual practice stronger. Surprisingly, I have found that not all spiritual mentors come from the masters.  Some of my best teachers have shown up in my everyday life. They can be anyone from a perfect stranger to one of my dear pets. These spiritual mentors have taught me about self-trust, building confidence, and staying humble. My pets especially have shown me what its like to have great patience and unconditional love. They are so empathetic and always seem to know when I need a hug. The importance of mentors, whether they are masters or not, should not be understated. Stay open to what you may learn from others. They ultimately could provide the best course for your own spiritual growth.


I meditate everyday. Meditation has taught me to seek answers from within. In fact, learning to ignore “outside information” and trust my inner knowledge has been one of the greatest gifts I have received in my meditation practice. 

To meditate, I set my intention (focus on the question), concentrate on my breath and connect with spirit (keep my mind clear and open for any messages). As I ask my question I wait to see what arises.  I focus on what I hear, see, taste, smell and feel. I attune to my always-positive, subtle inner voice and wait for an image, a sound, a feeling, etc. to answer my question.  It’s an invaluable tool, but should be practiced often to develop a strong ability (hopefully daily, but if not, at least 4-5 times per week). If meditation is something that you find challenging then check out my blog post: 

Learn to Meditate in Four Easy Steps (Click Here). Hopefully that will help!

•Staying Open to Experience

Approaching your experiences with an open spirit can help cultivate self-trust. I have faced so many situations that were completely unexpected, both before and after I started my psychic work. For example, learning how to run a business is quite an endeavor. The situations and challenges I encountered helped transform me into the person I am today. If something didn’t seem right with my business, I would attune to my intuition to help me decipher what to do. After learning to listen to myself, I realized my intuition was spot on about people, places and things.  My confidence began to build in not just in my business skills but also in my intuitive self-trust. This skill became invaluable when I developed my psychic practice.  Always check in with your spiritual center, especially when you are unsure of a decision you have to make, a person you have to trust, or a place you have to go. It will help guide you through life’s more treacherous spots!

By trying some of the above or all of the above you will find what techniques are best suited for you. What are your thoughts on cultivating a spiritual practice? What do you do that works for you? Leave me your thoughts in the comments below.