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Connecting With Your Spirit Guides - Psychic Bend, OR - Divine Messages | Sherrie Wirth
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Connecting With Your Spirit Guides - Psychic Bend, OR

Connecting with you Spirit Guides

Connecting to Your Spirit Guides

Spirit guides are energetic beings that assist us throughout our lifetimes. They act as beacons, GPS coordinates, cheerleaders and sparks of creative genius to remind us where we want to go in this life. They communicate most commonly in the form of hair rising, gut butterflies, shots of adrenaline and good old-fashioned spidey-sense. I work with my guides on a daily basis. My connection to them is invaluable not just for myself, but for the work I provide to others. After all, my guides are who I attune to when seeking psychic answers to my client’s questions.  Many of my clients have asked how they can connect to their own spirit guides, which is what inspired this post. Below are some steps I have outlined to help build your relationship to your guides. As with all things, these steps require practice, patience and commitment. If you continue to practice these steps and record and validate the information you receive, you will begin to trust that you are indeed connected to your guides.



Grounding is the first step to connecting with your spirit guides. It is important to ground first, as it ensures when you go into a meditative state you stay focused, energized and ready to connect. Once I find a comfortable seated position I close my eyes and focus on my breath. After a few minutes, I imagine a ball of light appearing above my head. This ball is warm and bright, much like a small sun.  I feel it warming the skin on my face and the hair on my head. As I relax further into its lovely rays, it begins to move down my body. It moves down my head, my neck, my upper back, my lower back, all the way to the bottom of my spine. When it reaches my tailbone it shoots out of my body, taking my spine energetically with it. I imagine that my spine elongates like the root of a large tree. The light and my root-spine plow into the floor, through the concrete and finally into the earth. They continue to descend further into the dark soil, past insects, critters and bedrock until it finally reaches the earth’s core.  The light wraps my root-spine around the core and shoots it back up through the rocks and the dirt. Finally it returns all the way back into my tailbone.  I feel the rich, earthy, energetic tether to the core of the earth and take a deep breath to absorb its nutrients. Next, the ball of light travels back up my spine. This time it shoots up, out of my head, pulling my spine up, like a long thin spider web cord. My spider-spine shoots out of my rooftop and into the earth’s dark blue sky. It passes the mountaintops and clouds and the stars of outer space. Finally the light wraps my spine around the sun. It zooms down past the planets, stars and earthly atmosphere until I see the roof of my house, where it finally returns to the crown of my head. I am filled with the heavenly, light-headed sense of connection to the universe. At this point, I am perfectly balanced between the taut push/pull of the earth’s density and the sun’s airy lightness. Now I am ready to connect to my guides.



When I begin my spirit guide meditation, I raise my vibration up as high as I can. Humans are in bodies that are dense and weighted down, but our spirit guides are just energy without a physical form. They are light and boundless. These guides are on a higher plane of awareness and to be able to reach them literally requires  “lifting ones spirit.” So how do you do this? I find it best to start thinking about all of the things in my life that fill me with joy: My favorite memories, the people I love, the pets I love, and things I love to do. By focusing on what makes me feel happiest, I am actively raising my energy up. I become “lighter.”  I also connect with a deep feeling of gratitude for every opportunity and relationship I have been given. As I count my blessings and continue to elevate my energy levels I imagine that I am in a pool of water.  Being in water gives me a sense of weightlessness, adding to the illusion of elevating myself up to the heavens. I imagine floating in a pool, pond or fountain and feeling all of my cares drifting away from me. (Of course if you are not comfortable being around water then please do not use this visual when you meditate. You could just imagine you are flying in your body or floating out in space if that is more comfortable for you.)  As I float in the water and think happy thoughts, I get lost in the peace of the moment. That is usually when THEY arrive…



At this point you can ask your spirit guides to come and visit you. You may see someone approach you, or you may hear a voice that is NOT one of the voices that normally live in your head, you may have a flash of insight, a change of emotion or feel a cool sensation on your skin. Remember your guides are just energy, they do not necessarily have to show up looking like a physical being.  They can show up in a variety of forms.

As you focus in on this energy, ask it a question and wait to see what kind of response comes up. The best way to communicate with your guides is to develop a symbolic language you can share. You could request, if the answer to the question is “yes” then show me red balloons, if the answer to the question is “no” then show me blue balloons.  If your questions require more then just yes/no information, then develop your symbolic language further.  For example, ask to see a special flower representing that new relationships are coming in, or to see a pile of money for career opportunities, and so on. This works best if you have strong visual senses. If you have stronger auditory or sentient senses then perhaps you can use symbols to correspond better to them. For example, if the answer is “yes” then ask for a feeling of warmth, if the answer is “no” then ask for a feeling of cool, etc. Developing a symbolic language to communicate with your guides can help to build a dialogue that can clarify the information you are receiving.   If, however, you ask for information and nothing comes, just stick with it. It may take a few practice sessions before you are able to properly attune and start receiving information. Just keep practicing!


End the session

After you have asked your guides all of your questions for that session, send them feelings of gratitude and love as a way of letting them know you received their messages and appreciate their help.  You may receive an acknowledgment of some kind from them as well. Once you have ended the “discussion”, simply see yourself leaving the pool of water or whatever imagery you chose for your meditation. See yourself back in the room and the two tethers between the earth and the sun slowly dissolving away. Once they are gone open your eyes. Now comes the most important part.


How to know that you’ve connected

Take out a pen and a piece of paper, or better yet a journal. To begin with, write down what all of your symbols are and what they mean, so you have it as a reference tool for later. Take note of things that do not make sense to you during the “discussion”, such as a breeze blowing through the room. It may make sense later down the road.  Write down all of the symbols and messages that you received. This journal is very important because it will be used as a tracker to see if the information you receive is accurate, helpful and validated! Ultimately you will know that you have made a true connection to your spirit guide by confirming the information you collect in your journal.


Do you have other techniques to connect to your spirit guides? If so tell me about them in the comments below.


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