Sherrie Wirth | Intuitive Guidance, Psychic Reading, Life Coaching and Spiritual Guidance | Living an Empowered Life - Following Your Dreams
Intuitive Guidance, Psychic Reading, Life Coaching and Spiritual Guidance | Living an Empowered Life - Following Your Dreams
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When feeling disempowered, it’s easy lose sight of our purpose, leaving events to chance. But, when feeling rooted and supported, everyday fulfillment can be easily found. As a Psychic / Intuitive, Life Coach & Spiritual Mentor, my job is to support you in living an empowered life.


If you are dissatisfied with life, knowing that you deserve more while struggling to make change, your personal investment in any of my services is a good start to ensure maximum results. How you benefit includes, but is not limited to: increased self-awareness that leads to radical self-acceptance; the ability to move through challenging experiences with confidence; a more intimate view of your personal relationships; deep healing and spiritual uplifting that strengthen your personal resolve, and much more!

Best Psychic Readings, Life Coach, Intuitive Sessions & Spiritual Mentor in Bend, Oregon - Sherrie Wirth Sacred Journey

Love & Appreciation


“Sherrie truly has a special gift. The messages she receives for you are mind blowing and absolutely accurate. There is NO WAY she could have known most of the information she had. Her insight and look to the future possibilities for your path are amazing and highly accurate. I have been seeing Sherrie for her psychic consultations for MANY years now and she is highly accurate. No one is perfect and we have free will that can change outcomes, but she really is spot on!!”



“Sherrie focused on the areas of concern for me and addressed each one with clarity and accuracy. That is how you can tell the real true person who is connected to Spirit! Thank you Sherrie for allowing Spirit to work through you to help others. I very much appreciate your assistance at a time I needed insite most! You are beautiful inside and out!”



“Sherrie gave me a very accurate reading and made me very hopeful! She had details that there is no way she could have known and gave me great guidance on each of my questions. She also has such a empathic and compassionate way of communicating these amazing messages! It eased my nervousness for the reading. I’m so glad I had this reading and will definitely be back for more!“




“Sherrie’s readings bring clarity and insight even amidst turbulent times. She is pure heart and doesn’t give advice based on her ego. She is straight forward and tells you what she sees. I love her honest and caring approach. I highly recommend her!“